Whitening treatment

This treatment whitens your teeth by removing current stains. It does not “add” whitening to your teeth. Your teeth cannot get whiter than they were when your permanent teeth came in as a child. If you have veneers, composite (white) fillings, implants or other synthetic tooth structures, the whitening gel will remove surface stains, but their base color will remain as they were when installed. If your natural teeth are grayish in color, have multiple colorations, or are stained from drugs (like tetracycline), your teeth may require multiple treatments to achieve satisfactory results.

How does the  Teeth Whitening Kit work?
A whitening gel is placed inside the mouthpiece that fits over both top and bottom teeth. The active ingredient in the gel is an intensified hydrogen peroxide. As the gel breaks down, it goes through an oxidation process which will start to break down and remove the existing stains on your teeth. The structure of the tooth does not change; only the tooth color is made lighter and whiter.

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